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To be recognized as the leading law and accounting Firm in Mexico.


The Firm’s commitment to our clients is the fundamental principle of our service. In Dayston, we strive to be proactive and establish direct and accessible communications with each of our client’s team members, in order to be considered as part of the team and not just only as an independent service provider.

Society demands that companies and institutions be held to a higher standard of accountability in light of their influence and impact. Our Firm participates constantly in diverse academic and social activities that seek to influence and construct a more ethical and transparent legal and accounting practice.

We believe in grooming leaders. In Dayston, we have redesigned the traditional model of a consulting firm, to encourage and support our members to grow and succeed under a meritocracy. We recognize that the value we contribute to our clients is due to a highly committed team.

With each customer and in every case, our only standard and goal is excellence in our service. Dayston makes considerable efforts to establish an effective attraction, retention and training policy for talented lawyers and accountants from the top educational institutions.

The constant sophistication of markets has created a wide array of necessities which require the assistance of highly specialized professionals in order to maintain competitiveness and revolutionize the manner in which business is done. In light of the foregoing, Dayston promotes alliances with diverse public and private institutions, local and foreign, that allow us to accompany our clients in an ample range of complex operations.