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Dayston Consultores, S.C. (henceforth “Dayston”), at San Juan Bosco Street No. 3656, Jardín de San Ignacio, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, postal code 45040 is responsible for protecting the personal information of individuals (the “Proprietor” or “Proprietors”) in respect to the use, handling, storage and confidentiality (the “Treatment”), for which, in accordance to the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Information in the Possession of Private Individuals (“FLPPIPPI”), its Rules and privacy policy guidelines, the present Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is issued in the following terms:

  1. Collected Personal Information and Subject to Treatment

Pursuant to the above, we inform you that Dayston may directly or indirectly obtain your personal information, when it receives a request and you provide your personal data to solicit professional services and employment offers provided by Dayston, by means of our online site (the “Web Site”) or by phone, through a third party or any other personal or electronic means.

Dayston will subject the following personal information to Treatment:

  1. Identification Information;
  2. Contact Information;
  3. Credit and Financial Information; and
  4. Employment Information;

This information may be used, but not limited to, the purposes that are described in section (II) hereunder, to assess and determine the nature or scope of the professional services to be rendered, analyze the quality of candidates, verify the identity of legal and natural persons, evaluate and qualify the economic solvency of new clients and for statistical purposes, as well as, comply with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Illegal Resources and Financing of Terrorism.

Dayston does not directly collect personal data from minors through formularies or questionnaires, nor through its Web Site. Furthermore, we inform you that Dayston does not collect sensitive information for the purposes of this Policy.

To provide third party personal information, may it be for the acquisition of products or services offered by professional or commercial partners or in light of any other reason it will be your own responsibility to provide notice in regards to the transfer of your personal information to the responsible party. In any case, Dayston will treat the referred information in accordance to the Law and the present Policy, and furthermore, our charge as Responsible Party and in compliance to the obligations provided by law, we will make the present Policy available to the referred third parties at the moment of first contact.

It is made known to you that Dayston does not work with agents or commissioners, nor others of similar nature, for which any personal information provided to third parties that portrait themselves as such, will not make Dayston liable, and therefore, you as the Proprietor of the information will be the only responsible party of such personal information or any other sensible or confidential information provided or shared and the treatment given to such information under the referred circumstances.

  1. Purposes to which personal information will be subject to.

Dayston will use your personal information in accordance with the following purposes:

  1. Principal and Necessary purposes for the provision of any Service


    1. Client Identification;
    2. Integration of client file;
    3. Management, administration, control, and processing of professional services rendered;
    4. Inquiries in regards to changes in client profile;
    5. Customer Service;
    6. Maintain the security of information and operations; and
    7. Protection against identity theft.


       b. Secondary Purposes


    1. Informative, publicity and professional prospection purposes;
    2. Provide customer discounts or acknowledgments, that are applicable and offered by Dayston;
    3. Use of image and client testimony for promotional purposes and for professional directories in respect to the services provided by Dayston; and
    4. Customer service improvement.

If you do not want your data to be used for the porpuses described above, please send an email with your request to

Remember that you may revoke your consent through a formal request in the terms provided by section IV of the present Policy.

  1. Other means to collect personal information

Dayston may use cookies and/or web beacons to facilitate the use of the Web Site Cookies constitute a tool applied for all web servers to store and recover information collected by the browser used by visitors to the Web Site, which will allow to store personal preferences and improve navigation experience.

Cookies have an expiration date, that may range from the time the Web Site is visited and until a specific date in which they cease to operate. Cookies employed in will only associate an anonymous visitor and computer equipment, they will not provide any reference that may allow the deduction of a visitor’s name, they do not read data stored in your hard drive nor include any virus in their texts.

You may configure your browser to automatically accept or reject all cookies or be provided this Policy on your screen with respect to the reception of each cookie and you may decide at that moment its application or denied access to your hard drive. We suggest you consult the help section in your browser to change the configuration to accept or reject cookies. Nonetheless, even if you configure your browser to reject all cookies o expressly reject cookies of you will be able to navigate the Web Site. In all cases, you may eliminate cookies installed by in your hard drive at any moment, following the instructions provided in the help section of your browser.

We confirm that Dayston does not collect personal data through the means described above, for which general data will not be subject to Treatment or transfer.

  1. Means to exercise the rights of Proprietors

In accordance with chapters III and IV of the FLPPIPPI and for the purposes of protecting the personal information of our clients, we make available the following e.mail, by which the Proprietors may limit the use or disclosure of their personal information, as well as, deny or revoke authorization for its Treatment, by exercising their right to access, cancelation, and opposition (“ARCO Rights”) provided in the law aforementioned.

You may direct your request as follows:

  1. Direct your formal request at, complying with the requirements provided in the Aco Rights Request, which is available in Dayston’s Web Site, in the Arco Rights request.

As Proprietor, you will be responsible for maintaining your personal data in possession of Dayston updated. For such purpose, you shall undertake to guarantee in every case the veracity, accuracy, timeliness, and authenticity of the information provided and are obliged to maintain such information up to date.

  1. By courier, address to our Legal & Compliance team at San Juan Bosco Street No. 3656, Jardín de San Ignacio, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, postal code 45040, which will have to contain a signed Arco Rights Request as provided by subsection (a) above and copy of your official ID.

Dayston will get in touch with you within the following twenty business days, as of the date in which the request is received, to inform you of the adopted resolution. If the request is found to have merit, it will be made effective within the following fifteen business days in which the Responsible Party provides an answer to the initial filing.

In case the information provided in the request is incorrect or insufficient, or the request does not provide the necessary documents to prove the identity of the Proprietor or his or her legal representative, or any other element necessary to exercise such rights, within the following five business days to the reception of the request, Dayston will require the author of the request to amend the initial submission in order to comply. In such a case, the Proprietor or his or her legal representative will have ten business days to address Dayston’s request for amendment, as of the day in which the request was made known. In case Dayston’s requirement is not complied with, the initial ARCO Request will have no binding effect.

Remember that in case of nonsatisfaction or non-compliance on our behalf, you may present your case before the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (“INAI” for its Spanish acronym).

  1. Transfer of Personal Information

As a general rule, Dayston does not transfer personal information, to the exception of complying with a legal obligation, a request from a competent governmental authority, or in relation to the purpose provided in numeral 3 of subsection (b) of Section II of this Policy. In addition, by means of the present Policy, Dayston will provide access to third parties to personal information collected, during an inquiry or audit, as long as such disclosure if necessary and relevant.

Third parties and any recipient of your personal data, will assume the same obligations and/or responsibilities assumed by Dayston under the present Policy and will become subject to its terms when they have received such information on our behalf for any lawful reason.

In case you do not desire for your personal information to be transferred to any affiliated party of Dayston, please send an email to

Remember that you may revoke your consent through a formal request in the terms provided by section IV of the present Policy.

  1. Withdrawal of Consent

At any time, you may revoke your consent to the Treatment of your personal information, as long as, said revocation is legitimate and does not entail the impossibility of complying with obligations derived from a contractual relationship in force between Dayston and you, or it is not possible in light of a legal or judicial mandate.

You may withdraw your consent regarding this Policy by accessing  and forward a formal request through the email address in this Policy, following the terms provided in Section IV above. Any refusal with respect to the Treatment of your personal information, will not affect the commercial or contractual relationship with Dayston.

  1. Changes in Policy

Any update, modification, or change to the present Policy, in light of legal reforms or modifications in Dayston’s internal policies, will be published at the Web Site 

  1. Security Policy

Dayston protects your personal information using the industry’s standard of encryption, in order to ensure that any data that is sent from the Web Page arrives securely to our servers. We store and process your information, maintaining security measures at all times to protect your personal information.

At Dayston we have strict protocols that determine who and under what circumstance is access to be granted to your personal information, prioritizing the protection of your privacy. Moreover, we have established physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our systems and facilities.

  1. Proprietor’s Consent

Each time you access or visit our Web Page you have the obligation of reading our Privacy Policy, and therefore with such visit or access you manifest that: (i) the present Policy has been made known and accessible to you by Dayston; (ii) you have thoroughly read the entirety of its content and understand its legal scope, for which you grant your consent for the Treatment of your personal information in the terms provided herein.

Latest date of update: Septemeber 2020